Accelerating the growth of wine companies and fostering business development on the domestic market: this is the objective of Vini al Cubo, a project created by the entrepreneurial synergy between Edoardo Freddi International, the first Italian export management company in the wine industry, and Vinopunto3, a consulting company that operates with marketing and commercial coordination activities in the wine world.

The two companies are joining forces to pool their individual skills with the aim of creating the first commercial network in the wine sector that can help companies penetrate markets and strengthen the coordination of sales channels, both in the and retail segments.

Shared structures, experience and human resources to create networks and strengthen the success of individual businesses: this is the spirit of the new Vini al Cubo business development model, which Italian wine companies can refer for the management of their sales networks to and which is positioned with a leadership role at national level.

Coordinator of the sales division is Patrizio Gorini, founder of Vinopunto3, who holds the position of network sales manager, with his thirty years of experience in the wine industry. The division is structured with area managers operating in the territory to guarantee capillary market coverage in terms of both geography and sales channels (, retail, online sales, specialised distribution, duty free & national travel retail).

The commercial structure is organised in an articulated and solid manner, with a back office reporting to Edoardo Freddi International and Vinopunto3, both in charge of supporting and sustaining business development and pre- and post-sales needs. Vini al Cubo comes to life, in fact, as a partner for wineries that choose to outsource the management of commercial flows, in order to guarantee the various stakeholders organic and transparent control in terms of orders, sales, invoicing and collections, while continuing to manage their network of agents and customers internally.

Vini al Cubo, which is continuously expanding, includes a portfolio of very prestigious producers, such as Azienda Agricola Pratello, Cantina Caldaro, San Patrignano, Castello di Cigognola, Tenute Salvaterra, Marchesi di Barolo, Piero Mancini, Lea Winery, Tenuta Travaglino, Villa Saletta and Vivera, and others in the making.

“My team and I accepted this challenge together with Edoardo and his team, with the common desire to unite the two realities in order to bring a meaningful and innovative solution that can support companies in the management of the wine business. Sharing experiences and networking allows for a winning synergy to overcome difficulties and help each other”, says Patrizio Gorini, founder of Vinopunto3.

This is an important new professional adventure for Edoardo Freddi, CEO of the company of the same name, which for years has confirmed itself as a unique reality for the Italian wine industry in the world. “I have decided to undertake a new challenge”, explains Freddi, “joining forces with another company that I hold in high esteem: creating a network of shared experience and skills I think could prove to be a winning choice to help and support the entrepreneurial projects of small and large quality Italian wine producers”.

Edoardo Freddi International, established in Castiglione delle Stiviere, has been involved for 10 years in supporting wine companies in the study and definition of business models, identifying the right partners in foreign markets to create a network of collaboration.

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