The 2023 can be considered one of the most atypical, difficult and ‘forgettable’ year of the last century. After years, we have lost the lead in world wine production, leaving the title once again to France (estimated 45 million hectolitres); Spain is still on the third step of the podium with 36 million (-14%).

This was, and still is, a very challenging harvest year, in which there was no shortage of Peronospera, major reductions in the overall quantity and adverse and complicated weather conditions due to climate change. What has undoubtedly emerged in this harvest year is the vital role of the agronomist within the vineyards, to counter all these problems that will be increasingly on the agenda in the coming years.

For 2023, a total production of 44 million hectolitres is estimated, for an overall drop of -12% compared to 2022, and 1.5 million people will be employed. The situation is very varied in Italy: positive and even growing trends in the North, negative trends in Central Italy and dramatic in the South, where even -40% in production has been reached.

This is the macro overview of the 2023 grape harvest in Italy. For the first time, Edoardo Freddi International has created a report on this year’s grape harvest, showing the general trends in Italy and the campaigns of the wineries in its portfolio.

You can read the EFI Report here.

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