“2023, a decidedly complex year for the wine market, is not yet over, and companies and trade fair players are already looking towards a 2024 which everyone hopes will be a full relaunch. Kicking off the big fairs will be Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, edition no. 5, on stage from 12 to 14 February at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, with the flagship show of the Vinexposium group”.

The French fair is climbing to the top and is increasingly establishing itself internationally as one of the great reference fairs for the wine scene. For the 2024 edition the numbers are truly encouraging: a 72% growth in terms of participation of international exhibitors, 50 producing countries and a 28% increase in exhibition spaces.

Although the fair is very focused on France and its wines, Italy plays a truly important role at Wine Paris; just think that it is the second exhibiting country at the show and this year it will see a 40% growth in its exhibition space. In 2024, for the first time, Italy will have a dedicated pavilion, inside which there will be 75% more exhibitors than the previous year; certainly the Italian presence at the show contributes to giving greater value and prestige to the event. Furthermore, a synergy between France and Italy would help both to identify and exploit market opportunities, especially in terms of exports.

In addition to being an opportunity to do business, trade fairs serve to intercept and analyze market trends and grasp signals for future ones. At the moment we are witnessing a greater demand for no-low alcohol wines, the challenges of global warming, the phenomenon of inflation, the premiumisation of wine and a greater sensitivity towards sustainability, so we are looking for new packs, new greener solutions. “And, therefore, at the fair we not only discover new vintages and new wines, but also trends that are a direct response to the challenges of the wine industry”.

Source: Wine News

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