In 2023 the Italian sparkling wines have achieved excellent results in value despite a slight decrease in volumes. In fact, the export result of this category increased to 2.2 billion euros (+3.5% compared to 2022) with a total volume of 502.8 million liters (-2.1% compared to 2022).

Sparkling wines are worth about 25% of the total exports of Italian wine abroad and represent just under a quarter of the total volume.

Looking at the trend of the main markets, there is a varied situation, the leading nation is the United States with a value of 492.7 million euros (-5.7%), followed by the United Kingdom with 411.2 million euros (+3.3%) and Germany with 145.8 million euros (+5.9%). The most significant increase is seen in France, which rises dramatically to 130.3 million euros (+25.6%) thanks almost exclusively to Prosecco. Excellent growth also for Switzerland reaching 83.6 million euros (+6.5%) and slightly surpasses Russia (major importer of Asti DOCG) which last year fell to 83 million euros (-8.6%). Canada remains almost stable 58.1 million euros (-3.7%).

Closing the ranking, in sharp decrease, Japan 37.6 million euros (-15.7%) and China 11.2 million euros (-20.2%).

Source: Wine News

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